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Wire Piercing Probe Piercing Clip 4mm Banana Plug with 4mm Automotive Test Leads Cable Piercing Probe Set

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Product Introduction:
This wire piercing probe set can be used with GT101, GT102, and GT103 to do the test, can be used with the multimeter to test the voltage and current and can also be used oscilloscope to test the waveform. Moreover, it can be used with all kinds of analytical instruments.
This wire piercing probe set can fix the wire to be tested, which is very convenient when you are testing the wire. You do NOT need to fix the wire with your hands which of course can free your hand. You can rest assured that the wire and probe are in good contact with the spring force.

Product Features:
Excellent Texture: The piercing probe is made of quality plastic, nice texture, strong and wear resistant, suitable for long term use.
Application: The piercing clip set can pierce the insulated wires without breaking the insulation, and meanwhile measure the voltage.
Easy to Use: Plug the banana jack into the wire piercing probe set, then use the probe to clip the wire, and finally use the GT101 to measure the voltage.
Appropriate Size: The piercing test tool measures 9.6 x 1.96 cm/ 3.78 x 0.77 inches, and can be applied to most all wires and multimeter pens.

Product Functions:
1. Insert into the device to replace the probe of the device, which is more convenient.
2. Used with a multimeter to measure the voltage.
3. Help to find which part of the test circuit is in poor contact.
Easy Operation:
1. First, turn the red knob and pull down the spring clip to an appropriate position, so that the spring clip can clamp the line under test.
2. Screw the red knob again to make sure the probe and the line under test are in good contact.

3. Insert the banana plug cable at the end of it (GT103 does not have a voltage and current display, and you can read the voltage of the line under test with a multimeter)

4. Plug the other end of banana plug cable into the GT101(also can be used with GT102 or GT103)

5. After reading the voltage, unplug the cable, turn the knob and pull down the spring clip, finally remove the test wire.
Package Includes:
1pc x Wire Piercing Probe Set

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