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OTOFIX Watch Smart Key Watch 3-in-1 Wearable Device Smart Key+Smart Watch+Smart Phone Voice Control Lock/Unlock Doors Trunk Remote Car Start

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Product Description

  1. Smart watch, smart key and smart phone 3 in 1
  2. Voice Control: Including Remote Car Start, Lock/Unlock Doors and Trunk
OTOFIX Watch Smart Key Watch 3-in-1 

OTOFIX watch is a vehicle key on wrist, which integrates smart key and smart watch functions. The OTOFIX smart watch combines the functions of a vehicle smart key with those of a smart watch into one indispensable personal digital device. It performs all the functions of a smart key—Lock and Unlock doors and Remotely Start—and all the functions you expect from a smart watch, including call and text notifications, exercise apps, and health monitoring. Moreover, OTOFIX watch also supports easy programming via OBD(with optional VCI, which is NOT included).
Locksmiths & authorized technicians can buy the OTOFIX watch and program it to their customers’ vehicles with the Autel MaxiIM KM100, IM508, and IM608.

OTOFIX Watch Features:

OTOFIX watch  is a 3-in 1 smart watch which includes car features, smart features and health features.
Car Features:
Mimics Your Existing Key Fob & Smart Key Functions Includes: Remote Start, Push Start, Door & Trunk Lock/Unlock
Compatible with Most Vehicles
Easy-To-Use iOS, Android APP
Embedded Chip with Encrypted Key Data
App-Based Lock-Out Feature (If Watch is Lost or Stolen)

Smart Features:
AMOLED HD Touchscreen with Sculpted Beveled Glass
Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface
Receive Calls, Read Messages with Bluetooth Connection to Phone
Hands-Free Vehicle System Control Via Phone
Voice Control: Including Remote Car Start, Lock/Unlock Doors and Trunk

Health Features:
12+ Sports Modes, Including Running, Walking, Stationary Cycling, Hiking & Yoga
Altitude Barometer & Compass
Health Monitoring: Heart Rate, Pulse O2, Sleep
Breath Training & Stand Reminder
Product Functions:
Start Smart
Vehicle key on wrist | Coverage of 1300+ models | Handy Easy Programming
otofix smart watch feature 1

Easy Key Pairing* + Voice control*
-DIY pairing with vehicle via Autel Link app with optional VCI package(NOT included)
(*For certain vehicles,  OTOFIX / Autel IM tool + XP tool is needed to parie the car key.  Please check vehicle coverage before buying)
-40-meter remote control over vehicle via voice commands including door unlocking, engine start, vehicle location, window regulation, etc.
(*The Vehicle Key function of the watch depends on the key function supported by the vehicle itself)
A Chic Key to Vehicle
(*The Vehicle Key function of the watch depends on the key function supported by the vehicle itself)
Smart Unlock         Keyless Entry         Remote Distance(130FT)          Voice Control           Panic  Window Regulation 

otofix smart watch feature 2
Easy Programming for Key Function
DIY pairing with vehicle via Autel Link app with optional VCI package

Voice Control over Vehicle Making Hands Free
Recognition of keywords like 'Open the door', 'Close the door', 'Open the trunk', 'Start the engine', etc.

otofix smart watch feature 3
otofix smart watch feature 4
Coverage of 1300+ Models
Covering BMW, Audi, VW, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, BYD and GWM
(More models are coming…)
Enhanced Security
Encrypted chip for local encrypted key data storage and self-locking in case of watch loss

otofix smart watch feature 5
Artisan Aesthetics
Extraordinary design including 1.78 inch AMOLED HD
full touch screen, concise UI and 3D curved glass based
on beveled sculpture and precision grinding processes
otofix smart watch feature 6

Dazzling Faces
A variety of faces impressing you at every wake-up of watch

otofix smart watch feature 7

Full Functional Health Smart Watch 
Exercise Manager
Management of 50+ exercises based on professional algorithms including accurate monitoring and analysis of heart rate, duration and calories

otofix smart watch feature 8
SpO2 Detection
Professional SpO2 detection contributing to better master of health
otofix smart watch feature 9

24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring
Continuous heart rate monitoring tracking your heart rate around the clock
otofix smart watch feature 10
Scheduled Sleep Monitoring
Sleep monitoring and analysis helping you get a comprehensive view on your sleep

otofix smart watch feature 11

Convenient Phone Function
Making or answering calls just at your wrist
otofix smart watch feature 12

Abundant Apps for Comprehensive Functions
Weather, music, alarm...

otofix smart watch feature 13

OTOFIX Smart Watch Specification:
BATTERY LIFE 2-3 days*
CASE MATERIAL Ceramics + Polycarbonate
STRAT MATERIAL Fluorine Rubber
WEIGHT 34.2g
SENSOR Accelerometer, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor& Optical heart rate sensors
CONNECTION Bluetooth basic rate/enhanced data rate/bluetooth low energy (BR/EDR/BLE) v5.0
App Autel Link
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)

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