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AUTEL ADAS SOFTWARE Upgrade Card for MS908, MSElite, MS909, MS919 and Ultra Tablets

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Product Description

ADAS calibration upgrade card adds ADAS calibration application to MS908 series tablets and MSElite and it also supports MA600- 906BT and above, IA800/Maxisys models.  
It adds ADAS calibration functionality and includes calibration software for the ADAS system devices of adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear collision avoidance and night vision systems. Software also includes detailed procedural guidelines including precise illustrations and how-to videos.
There are two types of ADAS calibration:
Dynamic calibration - this must be used with the target board. After opening the software, dynamic calibration can be used directly;
Static calibration - this needs supporting facilities (generally required for European models and Japanese and Korean models)

Product Features:
AUTEL ADAS software upgrade for MS908, Elite, MS909, MS919 and Ultra
ADAS: 908 and above, IA900: Maxisys ultra
Includes calibration for major ADAS systems
Includes calibrations for LDW, ACC, BSM, NVS, AVM systems devices
Includes detailed Calibration Instructions, precise illustrations and how-to videos

Package Includes:
1pc x AUTEL ADAS SOFTWARE Upgrade Card

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