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2021 Newest OBDSTAR X300 PRO 4 Key Programmer Key Master 5 USA Version

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Product Description
Most vehicles comes with same function as X300 DP PLUS
2021 Newest Version OBDSTAR X300 PRO 4 Key Programmer Key Master 5 USA Version  

X300 Pro4 Key Programmer Highlights
1.Free upgrade for 180 day,1 Year Warranty
2.Extensive vehicle coverage and keeps updating
3.One-click remote assistance, one-click upgrade, one-click key programming, one-click clearing fault code, one-button screenshot
4.Within help data and tips

What is X300 Pro4 USA Version?

X300 Pro4 is an all-purpose immobiliser programming device meticulously designed by OBDSTAR for locksmith in Americas area. The device inherits the automobile immobiliser programming technology from OBDSTAR with a lot of advantages of early start, wide model coverage, fast programming speed and special features.

X300 Pro4 Supported List

CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP: free pincode or reading pincode key programming up to 2021 (excluding a few car models like Renegade) with FCA adapter
FORD/LINCOLN: all series key programming(free pincode) up to 2020, almost car models ALK in alarm active (no need to repeatedly disconnect/connect battery cables)
GM: 2021 all series key programming up to 2021

TOYOTA/LEXUS: all series key programming up to 2018, 8A blade key all keys lost (work with Key SIM, no need to repeatedly disconnect/connect)
SUBARU: all series key programming, read IMMO data, make start keys, all keys lost (work with P001 adapter)
NISSAN: all series read pincode up to 2020 by OBD(including KICKS and some new car models)
MAZDA: all series key programming (free pincode) up to 2020
ISUZU: read pincode key programming by OBD
HONDA/ACURA: 2020 all series free pincode key programming up to 2020

BENZ: disable/enable keys
BMW: CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS3++ CAS4 CAS4+ FEM BDC key programming
VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT: read pincode key programming
IVECO: BEYOND,POWER DAILY key and remote programming
SMART: BR450,BR451,BR452,BR453,BR454  free pincode key programming
VOLVO: S60,S80,V40,V60,V70,XC60,XC70  semi-proximity free pincoce key programming (no need to repeatedly assemble/dissemble)
ALFA ROMEO: 124 SPYDER ,4C/4C SPYDER,GIULIA,GIULIETTA,MITO,STELVIO 2017- key programming up to 2017-
JAGUAR LANDROVER: key programming(free pincode),  2014-2018 car models make start keys( work with P001 adapter)
FIAT: all series read EEPROM, make dealer keys, key programming
PORSCHE: 718,911, 997,BOXTER, CAYENNE,CAYMAN,MACAN,PANAMERA 49 make dealer keys and key programming, PORSCHE 911, 997, BOXTER, CAYMAN 46 decryption read pincode from original keys(work with P001 adapter)
PEUGEOT/CITROEN/DS: all series read pincode key programming(excluding a few car models)
MASERATI: all series key programming up to 2020 (2018- car models need work with FCA adapter)

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1set X300 Pro4 USA Version

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