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180W AC 110V 3-1 Car Jump Starter+Car Inverter+Outdoor Power Car Ignition Inverter Outdoor Power Supply

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Product Introduction:
The car ignition inverter outdoor power supply can be used to start the car in an emergency at any time. Moreover, it is also a potable mobile energy storage power supply with an handle. It can be used to power portable equipment like outdoor live broadcast, camping lighting, fishing lighting, travel supplies etc.

Product Features:

3-1 Car Jump Starter+Car Inverter+Outdoor Power Supply
Portable and convenient
Lightweight and multipurpose
Big capacity and long service life
Safe to use

Product Functions:
1.Start the ignition of a 12V car in an emergency. 
When the power supply is sufficient, it can be ignited many times without worrying about the power failure of the car which might be caused by the cold weather.
2.Applied in various scenarios.
It can be used to charge mobile phones, tablet computers, drones, car-charging vacuum cleaners, air pumps, etc.
Used outside & at home 
The product can supply power to a variety of devices, suitable for low-power devices of 5V-2.1A/QC3.0, and can also be used for devices with a power below 180W and a voltage of 110V. For example, it can be used for outdoor live broadcast equipment, camping lighting, fishing lighting, travel power supply for supplies, power supply for other outdoor activities, etc.
Commonly used devices are lamps, audio, fans, computers and other products. 
There is no need to worry about the equipment running out of power, and it can also be used in an emergency if there is a power outage at home. According to the power and input requirements of the equipment, it can be matched with the output end of the power supply.
3.Smarter and Safer
The battery has voltage, current control and temperature control through BMS and offers users more advanced safety operation, to ensure safety and reliability.
4.It can also be used as a flashlight for emergency lighting.

Product Specifications:

Product color metal gray
Material aluminum alloy + plastic + silicone
Watts 180w
Input 15v-2A
Car start starting current 800A, peak current 1600A
Battery type rechargeable lithium-ion battery
USB output 5V-2.1A/QC3.0
AC output 110V-60Hz
Product capacity 45000mAh
Product size 190*115*90mm
Product weight 1.46KG
Packing accessories car emergency start clip, adapter, manual

Package Includes:
1pc x Power host
1pc x Car emergency start clip
1pc x Adapter
1pc x Manual

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