What Can We do When We Have Tuner Account?

1. A lot of VR file online for you 
2. Professinal tuner can donwload our WinOLS damaos ,A2L, map packge( as we all know , these data very expensive when you go to order , dont worrry , we dont charge any fee for our user )
3. Any others we can do for this accout, of course, we have magic funtion for you if you cant tuning by yourself, no pro, what our tuner can help you do.
For example:
stage1 stage2 stage3
Immo off
BMW sportdisplay
tuning gearbox , such as Luach control 6dtc off
adblue off 8 dpf off
3 bar sensor map
torque off
MAF off
map switch
deactive or active sprot exhuast vavel
so many services we can do, but these are charge fee, any you want just charge $66, of course, you can tune if you have knowledge about that.

4. Face to face our tuner, can give some guide for you on chiptuning.